CPNI is a communications industry abbreviation that stands for Customer Proprietary Network Information. CPNI refers to your private information about your account/services with us.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has mandated new CPNI ‘must comply’ rules for all telecommunications companies, though we are not the standard telecommunications company in these policies and solely provide Internet connectivity, we take protecting your personal data that is shared with us seriously. The new rules are designed to safeguard your information from anyone who is not authorized to have access to your account. The new rules were effective December 8, 2007.  This solely covers your personal account information as no other data about you is collected, saved, or sold to any parties.  All account information is used internally to support you and manage your service.


To comply with these new rules, there are four security measures that Byhalia.net, LLC will be implementing to ensure your information is safeguarded from unauthorized access.


  1. Each time you call Byhalia.net, LLC to speak with a customer service, billing, or tech support regarding your account or services, we will ask you a verification question about your account, and you will be required to provide an appropriate answer about the account to ensure we are speaking with an authorized contact on your account.


  1. Once authorization has been established, we can discuss information about specific services, account details, and billing. If you are unable to provide specific details, we can send a copy of this information to the account address on record via USPS.


  1. If you stop by any Byhalia.net, LLC office to make account inquiries, you may be required to show personal photo identification before we can discuss or release any account information.


  1. In order to protect your information, only the authorized owner/contact will be allowed to make inquiries or changes to your account. Inquiries or requests from other parties, including those of a spouse, cannot be honored if they are not an authorized contact listed on the account. If you are uncertain who is an authorized contact on your account, please contact Byhalia.net, LLC for clarification.